Pinning down social good!

I have been struggling to clarify for myself what I understand by "creating social good". However, each attempt to do so leaves me more frustrated in my inability to express clearly what I feel I understand deeply.
Perhaps I am trying too hard to state definitively a notion that owes its power not to precise definition but to its relevance in specific contexts and instances. A notion more at home in stories and testimony than in criteria, rules and algorithms.
Might it be that creating social good, like friendship and joy, can not be reduced to definitive criteria or universal rules but only becomes evident in concrete circumstances?

If this is the case, it relieves me of the hugely challenging and frustrating task of clearly describing what I mean when I talk about "creating social good". In its place I could engage in describing the many specific instances and particular contexts in which I have encountered the creation of social good.
This refusal to be definitive may lay me open to charges of loose thinking, absence of precision and conceptual uncertainty. Perhpas we are forced to choose between a certainty of definiition that does not reveal the many truths of creating social good, and the various truths of creating social good that defy the precision of a definitive description. This then becomes a choice between truth and certainty. For now I choose possibility of the 'truths' over the comfort of certainty.