The Creating Social Good network is envisaged as a collegiate inclusive community in which individuals share a sense of belonging to our diverse global community by offering reflective stories to each other about their everyday practice of defining, planning for and creating social good in their localities. The emerging dialogues are expected to address a critical evaluation and engagement with:

  • the established hierarchies and systems of decision making locally and globally
  • complex power relations and dynamics
  • the dominant processes, methodologies and technologies of control and forms of organising promoted as ‘best practice’
  • vulnerabilities, resilience, resistance and risks
  • concrete illustrative examples of both achievements and challenges

The aim is to encourage co-creation of approaches which advocate an inclusive, interconnected, prudent, safe and equitable development and nurturing of healthy, just and engaged communities and civic societies by promoting, as its underlying principle, a collaborative participative enquiry which explicitly includes affected communities. This incorporates

  1. a shared focus on a responsible organizing logic and principles facilitating such joint action in the co-creation of a better meaningful way forward in a complex, unpredictable and emerging world; and
  2. an uncompromising collective commitment from professionals, managers and leaders, supporting institutions, funding bodies, interested scholars and researchers, and concerned world citizens to the above principles.


Utilising both on-line, multimedia technologies and face-to-face conferences/workshops, we offer a space for people to share their stories in a spirit of cooperation and learning. This means, developing a dialogue involving (rather than repressing) multiple value systems, interests and ethical concerns (from activists, policy makers, government bodies, civil society and affected communities including marginalised vulnerable groups- women, children, disabled -in the given context) that simultaneously exist and are at play in the practice of development and co-creation of better life.

Where we are Headed

Towards creating a sustainable community of engaged individuals from across the globe that share an enthusiasm for participatory organizing in the process of creating social good.